Nohup, no problem

The world of IT is very interesting. There are many ways of achieving the same goals, many ways of deploying applications, building them. It is frankly quite interesting to me I cannot say it enough.

Recently, my EC2 instance was freezing quite a lot. I lost count of how many times I had to restart it because it was so slow. I attributed the issue to the fact that my VM is the most basic someone could get, the lowest amount of memory etc.

However, recently, I decided to use systemD to deploy my applications and all the issues with performance and freezing went away. Mind you I was using command “nohup” to run my services in the background … all of a sudden using systemD seemed to improve performance dramatically. I also disabled a bunch of debug options that I left on hehehe.

I am glad things are no longer freezing though.

Anonymous Object

Recently, I found out about the "Anonymous Object concept". This is basically an object that has nothing to contain a reference to it.

For example:
This is how we would usually create an object -------> Object obj = new Object();

However, you can call the constructor of an object and create the object, without storing its reference anywhere.
Like this -------> new Object();

You can use it immediately, but soon the garbage collector will clean it, since there is no reference to it.

I found it quite interesting, even though I cannot think of any real use for it. lol.

New beginning

This is the very first post of this page. Butterflies are a great symbol of transformation. I draw inspiration from them to keep going and perfect my craft. Where will I be in the next 2 or 6 months? How about 1 or 2 years? I do not know, nevertheless, I am very excited about it! Despite all of the "unknowns" I must keep it pushing.